Friday, January 10, 2014

The Most Appropriate Way for a Woman to Cover

by Cindy

When we are in America, one of the most common subjects I am asked about is about women covering.  The questions vary from whether or not I cover, what it's like to teach women/students who cover, how many women cover, etc.  Today CNN International had a nice article on covering in the Middle East.  You'll see from the article that there are many varying views on covering.  It is certainly not a case of "one cover fits all."

As for my experience - there are certain places in town you can go where more women will be covered or even more people in local dress.  In the classroom, I rarely have a class where no female is covered but the ratio of covered to not covered can vary.  And certainly way the women cover varies quite a bit.  Some only cover when they are in the Middle East (they view it more as cultural than religious) while some cover no matter what.

What I can say for sure:

  • Not all Muslim women cover
  • Those that do cover have different reasons for covering
  • They cover in different ways
  • Covering in no way correlates to how religious a woman is
Hopefully you find the article interesting and enlightening!

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