Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Birthday Bash

by Cindy

The kid's birthdays around here are ridiculous - and I don't even have kids!  As an outsider I can see how over the top they are.  I really do feel sorry for the average family who has to try to reciprocate in some way.  For the first birthday people rent hotel ballrooms and it only escalates from there.  The idea of a party at the park doesn't really exist here.  This particular email caught my attention.

It is an advertisement to have your kids birthday at the Atlantis hotel.  There are only two of these hotels in the world so I'm wondering...if you have your birthday here how exactly do you top this?  Maybe next year you go to the Bahamas location.  On your private jet.  And then what???  How exactly do you top that year after year?  I'm thankful we don't have to play this game!

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